Jun 13

California Smoke Shop Employee Cited for Herbal Incense

A smoke shop employee cited for herbal incense was present when law enforcement raided Smoke Scene.

A smoke shop employee cited for herbal incense was present when law enforcement raided Smoke Scene.

Lately, the news has been filled with stories of low-ranking smoke shop, headshop, and convenience store employees who have been arrested, cited, or had their personal possessions seized in relation to their employer’s decision to carry herbal incense.  Yesterday saw a California smoke shop employee cited for selling herbal incense, something that was simply part of his job as a retail clerk.

Most of the times, it’s the luck of the draw as to which employee ends up prosecuted; it typically comes down to who was working on the day of the raid. In this case, the employee was working yesterday when a task force made up of officers from Tehachapi Police Dept. and the Kern County Sheriff’s Office raided the smoke shop where he worked. 

According to an article in the Tehachapi News, police seized thousands of dollars of herbal incense at a local smoke shop.

Zekaria Abdo Al-Rowhani was cited on one charge of possession of any synthetic cannabinoid compound for sale, after members from the Kern Narcotics Task Force went to the Smoke Scene shop…in the Old Towne area of Tehachapi on June 11. The task force…seized approximately 300 packages of spice products and witnessed three customers entering the store to purchase the drugs. According to police, the drug was being sold in packages for $10 each.

Apparently, other smoke shops in the area should expect to receive similar visits from law enforcement, as they are on a crusade to locate and stop sellers of herbal incense in the area.

Police said they went to the smoke shop in an effort to identify anyone dealing spice locally after the Tehachapi Unified School District recently expressed a concern about the possible use of spice by some its students…“At least one other shop was checked, but they were found to not be selling the product,” said Tehachapi Police Chief Jeff Kermode. “The investigation is continuing to identify who might be supplying the shops.”


Source: Tehachapi News