Apr 16

Headshop Protest Outside MN Business

Dick's Head Shop, focus of Headshop protest

Dick’s Head Shop, focus of headshop protest

Group stupidity has taken hold in Aurora, Minnesota, where “concerned” parents recently protested outside a local headshop. This headshop focused on the fact that the local, tax-paying business sells herbal incense (synthetic drugs, as the local news outlet diligently reminds its viewers.

Dick’s Head Shop, whose sign appears to read “Dick Heads” from the road, is facing misdirected ire from the local community, despite complying with all state, federal, and local laws and not even allowing minors to enter the business. 

According to coverage by Northland’s News Center, a local news outlet,

Concerned parents and citizens protested outside of Dick’s Head Shop on Saturday (April 13th, 2013), saying the shop is ruining the community by selling synthetic drugs. ”It’s a big problem, there are lots of danger to the drug, it’s getting into the hands of our children it’s wreaking lots of people’s lives,” said concerned parent Tara Hughes.  Some community members say the shop is not welcome in the community because it’s affecting their kids.

Other parents and local school officials were present at the protest outside of Dick’s Head Shop, which is several blocks from the local high school. The principal of the local high school opined that several students have gotten hooked on synthetic marijuana and drop out of school. While drug use, traditional or synthetic, is an issue facing communities around the country, the problem is not being caused by local retail outlets.

Local businesses like smoke shops and headshops are already under such intense scrutiny from law enforcement that overtly breaking the law by selling questionable items to minors would be a death sentence for the business. The owner of Dick’s Head Shop emphasizes that fact in her response to the protest.  ”Everything on our shelf is legal…we card everyone that comes in here, we are an 18 and older store, we do not let people come in who does not have an ID,” said Rene Padget, owner of Dick’s Head Shop. ”If they are an adult buying it legally and then going and giving it illegally, they should be going after those people.”

Instead of blaming a local business, parents should be talking to their kids about what intoxicating substances are most dangerous (like synthetic drugs and meth), and which are safer. Also, perhaps instead of focusing on curbing teenage experimentation by prohibiting adult use of a product, local parents should focus on teaching their children how to make intelligent decisions, which don’t involve buying shady synthetic drugs on the black market.

Source: Northlands News Center

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