Apr 23

Smoke Shop Raid Over Herbal Incense in Wisconsin

Herb grinders, metal pipes, and glass pipes were seized in this smoke shop raid.

Herb grinders, metal pipes, and glass pipes were seized in this smoke shop raid.

A Wisconsin cigar shop received the wrong kind of law enforcement attention on Friday, April 12th. The police in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin conducted a smoke shop raid at a local business and seized all kinds of products, not just the herbal incense they came looking for with their warrant.

After area politicians asserted that all herbal incense was banned under state law, law enforcement decided to bust a tax-paying local business. They seized $57,000 in herbal incense from Loon Lake Cigar Company, and the owner may now face criminal charges. 

The Wisconsin Dells Events reports that an ongoing police investigation resulted in the smoke shop raid.

According to a press release, Dells police received information that the Loon Lake Cigar Shop, 721 Superior St., was selling large quantities of the “fake marijuana.” An investigation was conducted and a search warrant was executed at the Loon Lake Cigar Shop April 12. Police recovered 1,765 individual packages of “fake marijuana,” varying in size and brands. The total weight of the seized product was approximately 13.5 pounds, which in street terms, equates to approximately six “kilos.”

Kilos, of course, is short for kilograms, and it is not a “street term” but a metric term for mass. Basic research (or high school science) should have ensured that the (unnamed) reporter for this story knew what a kilogram was.

The amount of non-prohibited product that was seized should be concerning to any headshop or smoke shop owners in Wisconsin, especially those carrying herbal incense or products that could be confused with herbal incense.

Police removed 198 glass and metal smoking pipes, consistent with the ones commonly used to smoke marijuana. Police removed 31 “Herb Grinders” that are commonly used in conjunction with marijuana use. Many of the items were displayed along-side the “fake marijuana” in the same display case, implying its use, the release said.

The owner of the shop, Randy L. Martin, faces possible charges of possession with the intent to distribute hazardous substance and fraudulent drug advertisement.

Source: Wisconsin Dells Events