May 08

Smoke Shop Robberies in Wichita, Kansas Possibly Connected

Two Wichita smoke shop robberies this week may be connected.

Two Wichita smoke shop robberies this week may be connected.

Some smoke shop robberies are crimes of passion or impulse, others are desperate grabs for much-needed money. Sometimes the perpetrators decide that one business isn’t enough, and they make the rounds at local businesses, victimizing them all. That appears to be what is currently happening in Wichita, Kansas.

Two smoke shop robberies this week in Wichita,  may well be connected to one another, according to local police. Headshop and smoke shop owners and operators in the area need to be on high alert for suspicious behavior and an as of yet unnamed suspect.

Police are searching for a suspect, but given the vague nature of the description provided, it seems unlikely that a random arrest will result in the capture of the criminal. 

According to KWCH, both robberies occurred in the evening on Monday, May 6th.

The first one happened at around 6:30 at Harry Grocery and Smoke Shop in the 300 block of W. Harry. Police say the robber went into the store and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk was scared and ran into a back room and the robber left the building with nothing. A short time later, someone held up the Tee Pee Smoke Shop in the 1700 block of S. Seneca. The clerk there didn’t give him money right away. Police say the robber came around the counter and pointed a gun at her head and she gave him some money.

For those working in smoke shops, police have released a description, in case the criminal strikes again. “Police say the descriptions of the robber in both cases is very similar. A black male, 6’2″ wearing a large red t-shirt and carrying a black semi-automatic handgun. No one was hurt in either robbery attempt.”

Police weren’t reporting the amount stolen in the second attempt, but given how frightened and desperate the actions of the robber were, chances are good he’ll choose to hide rather than strike again. In either case, staff should keep an eye on anyone who enters the building matching the description of the suspect.

Source: KWCH 

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