May 16

Smoke Shop Robbery in Lincoln, Nebraska, Thief at Large

Station Platform was the victim of a smoke shop robbery for the second time this year.

Station Platform was the victim of a smoke shop robbery for the second time this year.

Some businesses are just unlucky, either because of what they are carrying or because of their location. A smoke shop robbery in Lincoln, Nebraska, has highlighted how certain businesses, especially smoke shops and headshops, are at higher risk than others, even in the same industry.

Station Platform, a smoke shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, was robbed for the second time in 2013 earlier this week, and police have yet to arrest anyone in the robbery, which included breaking and entering. 

According to a report aired by local news station 10/11 News,

It happened overnight Monday at Station Platform at 3520 Cleveland Avenue. Police say the owner arrived at the store Tuesday morning and discovered a mess. They say someone pried on a steel door to get inside. Then, police say, the thief wreaked havoc. He made off with two televisions and a laptop. Police say he then smashed a display case and swiped a coin collection.

The products stolen have an estimated value of $1,500. The owner has had this experience once before this year already, when herbal incense packages were stolen from the Station Platform back in March.

Back on March 13th, police say two men robbed the store. ”In that case, two unknown males entered the building, one armed with a handgun. They stole 28 packages of potpourri, as well as some cash and two cell phones. That case remains unsolved. At this time we don’t believe the two crimes are similar, but this business has suffered two loses in a short period of time,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Although the first crime remains unsolved, media is reporting that local law enforcement are working with the business to obtain video surveillance that may assist in the identification and capture of the thief involved in this second smoke shop robbery. Other area smoke shops and headshops should be on high alert for similar break-ins in the upcoming days, and should definitely consider a video security system and business insurance policy.


Source: 10/11 News