Dec 13

Stoner Christmas Wish List: Perfect Presents for Potheads

Everyone has that hard-to-please stoner on their gift list. Perhaps you do not share their recreational/medicational (haha) tastes, or perhaps you just don’t like picking out presents and are wildly searching for easy ideas for people you have to buy something for. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a list of expensive glass or hard-to-get, illegal items. It’s also not recommendations to buy all seven seasons of That 70′s Show on DVD. These are the kind of thoughtful gifts that will leave you in any stoner’s good graces.

3. A safe smoke kit

This is a must have, especially for your friends who are smoking in states without legal protection or medical allowances. First of all, this gift basket (or box, which closes and is therefore more discrete) should be decorated, so get out your decoupage kit. Any smoking kit should include a mute. You can watch a basic how-to video here:

You can make a mute from a variety of homemade ingredients, going as cheap as drier sheets and paper towel tubes up to PVC piping with a homemade carbon filter (they cost pennies to make). Next up: wicks for smoking, so they aren’t inhaling lighter smoke. You can find them for cheap at just about any smoke shop, or try dipping hemp cord in melted food-grade beeswax.

This way, if your friend is smoking, they’re smoking smart. Everything fits into a discrete box, their smoke is being filtered, and they aren’t inhaling lighter fumes all the time. It’s cheap, thoughtful, and may just help improve their health.

2. Better Buzz Bags

No, I don’t expect you to go buy marijuana from anyone. Instead, you can put together a little two-part grab-bag of totally legal consumable accessories that will rock their socks off. First, find two similar bags (whatever kind you like, even brown paper bags). Label them “Sativa” and “Indica.”

In the Sativa bag, put in an energy drink (or bottled coffee or something with a lot of caffeine), some eye moisturizing drop, some candy, a bottle of water, and maybe a bus pass if you know they like to get out of the house. Sativa strains give people energy, and this pack will be their grab-and-go bag.

In the Indica bag, include both a salty and sweet snack that you know they like, as well as a low or no caffeine drink, a bottled water, and one of those sore muscle thermal packs.

That’s pretty much what an indica does to someone.
Of course, if that’s too much or too complicated, or they just smoke bad weed and you know it, then maybe try one bag with some bottled water (better hydration helps the buzz) and some kanna.
No, not her. This has nothing to do with Inuyasha.
Read that article. It’s the last sentence we’re interested in: ” Some reports suggest a synergy with cannabis.” You can include the herb for them to smoke, teas for them to drink, shots for them to drink, or powder for any of the above uses. Kanna will help those who have a tolerance, or just only have crappy weed. It’s legal and easy to find at health food stores (as a mood elevator) or head shops.
1. A Vaporizer.
It’s cleaner, it allows them to smoke less with better effects, and it gets rid of the fire hazard of smoking. Whether you can afford a nice Volcano, a degree-specific box, or just a high-temp e-cigarette for cannabis oils, a vaporizer tells the stoner in your life that not only do you accept them just the way they are, but you’d like to spend a lot more years with them in the future.


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