Jun 26

Story of Mississippi Vaporizer Shop Reveals Massive FDA Fail

The smoke screen, a vaporizer shop in Gautier, Mississipp, is staffed by former smokers.

The smoke screen, a vaporizer shop in Gautier, Mississipp, is staffed by former smokers.

Vaping, the popular term for vapoorizing, is on the rise across the country. More and more people are turning to portable vaporizers to help them quit smoking. These e-cigarettes or e-cigs allow smokers to get their nicotine fix without inhaling smoke from combustion or exposing others to second-hand smoke. Ironically, the employees at a Mississippi vaporizer shop who are ex-smokers can’t sell their product as a smoking cessation device, even though they have all had personal success quitting traditional tobacco by using e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

It turns out, that inability to properly present the product to customers is a direct result of the FDA’s approach to e-cigarettes and vaporizing. 

According to The Mississippi Press, the staff at the Smoke Screen in Gautier, Mississippi would like to tell customers e-cigs can help people quit smoking, but they can’t.

Many people associate e-cigarettes with the cigarette lookalikes seen in many convenience stores and gas stations, but what Smoke Screen and similar stores are far more sophisticated — and successful in helping smokers quit the habit…”The FDA forbids us from billing them as a `stop smoking aid,’” (Owner Kevin) Wilson explained. “That’s thanks largely to the pharmaceutical companies which complained because the sales of patches, pills and other stop smoking products was dropping so rapidly. ”We call it an alternative to smoking.”

Although vaporizer shops like Smoke Screen can’t actively sell vaporizers or e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aid, it only takes a little looking around to find stories of people who quit with the devices.

More and more the high-end e-cigarettes are seen in public places where people frequently smoke. Lanny Arnold of Ocean Springs was one of those who made the switch. ”I started (using the Vision cigarette) in January,” Arnold said. “I used it for about seven weeks and then one day I left it at home when I went to work. I made it through the day and realized I just didn’t need it.” Arnold said he had been a pack a day smoker for 30 years before using the Vision cigarette. Once he quit entirely, he turned his vaping kit over to a friend, who has in turn quit smoking after 25 years.

In the end, while any nicotine addiction is less than optimal, getting nicotine from vaporizing seems to be much safer than traditional delivery methods. In time, well-run businesses like Smoke Screen will help convince the FDA and the general population of the value of these products that facilitate risk-reduction for smokers.


Source: The Mississippi Press